Acer Aspire V13 V3-372 Latest Drivers Windows 10 64bit

Acer Aspire V13 V3-372 Latest Drivers Windows 10 64bit

Acer Aspire V13 V3-372 Drivers For Windows 10 Review - ACER'S laptop Aspire V13 (model V3-372) have a Full HD panel, acer aspire v3-372 and its storage type SSD will give us a smooth experience and Core i5 processor and up to 8 hours otonominya will allow us to work all day without worry about the decline of the equipment or to find a charger. because we ran out of batteries. In short, a highly recommended choice.

Acer has invested a lot of reform image during the last few years make a laptop with good performance and highlights the Anon on time at the autonomy. Today we will know one of the most prominent model, Acer Aspire V13 (model V3-372).

The new model will be offered for a limited time to give us the light design 1.6 kg, Full HD panel is 13.3 inches, an Intel Core i5 sixth generation and storage of very prominent from the 256 GB SSD format for offering the highest speed in all the tar To perform. Without further ADO, we ventured to know this team in our analysis of Acer Aspire V13 (model V3-372).

Beyond the design, the most important thing when doing an analysis of the laptop is to assess its internal components and in this case Acer Aspire V13 (model V3-372) did not disappoint. By using its key features, we have a low power processor Intel Core i5-6200U who works with 2 cores, 4 threads of logic and integrating work on the basic frequency of 2.3 GHz to reach 2.8 GHz through Turboboost.

If all this sounds like the language of China, we will let you know that this is a great processor, capable of working with all types of programs, from picture editor to a virtual machine, this is one of the best processor we can find on laptops everyday. today

Just as important as the processor that is RAM, where Acer Aspire V13 (model V3-372) comes with 8 GB DDR3 RAM type. This is enough RAM to be able to work easily on Windows 10, because it can manage multiple programs at once without causing a "lag" the dreaded that occurs when we have the system RAM that is more fair.

Finally, the storage is one of the most prominent, not so much for its capacity but also for its speed. Specifically, this model accommodate 256 GB solid state disk (SSD).

Acer Aspire V13 V3-372 Specs :
  • Display : 13.3 inch 16:9, 1920x1080 pixel, LG Display LP133WF2-SPL3, IPS, glossy: no.
  • Processor : Intel Core i5-6200U.
  • Graphics adapter : Intel HD Graphics 520, Core: 300 - 1050 MHz, DDR3,
  • Memory : 8192 MB, DDR3 1600 MHz, dual-channel, 2 of 4 memory banks filled.
  • Weight : 1.55 kg ( = 54.67 oz / 3.42 pounds), Power Supply: 154 g ( = 5.43 oz / 0.34 pounds).

Acer Aspire V13 V3-372 Drivers System Requirements & Compatibility :

Acer Aspire V13 V3-372 Drivers Compatibility For :
  1. Windows 10 (64bit).

Acer Aspire V13 V3-372 Drivers Installations

How to install Drivers Acer Aspire V13 V3-372 :

  • A check advance is not installed hardware drivers with how to enter start > right click Computer > > window appears select properties system > select device manager.
  • Note whether there is a driver not installed hadware? If there is please enter your driver CD in your computer or laptop DVD Room, e.g. VGA card or LAN Card has not been installed or please you download in advance be linked below
  • Look for the VGA/LAN Card folder on Your CD driver through windows explorer or extract the first file you downloaded.
  • Look for a file with the name Setup
  • Double-click the file, follow the next steps with the next and click next until the installation process occurs.
  • After completion of the computer or laptop usually ask for restart, restart the course. Do the next driver installation.

Acer Aspire V13 V3-372 Drivers Download For Windows 10 (64bit)

Intel AMT Driver Intel Download

Audio Drivers
Audio Driver Realtek Download

Bluetooth Drivers
Bluetooth Driver Intel Download
Bluetooth Driver (NFA222 Liteon) Atheros Download
Bluetooth Driver (NFA344A HAI) Atheros Download
Bluetooth Driver (NFA344A Liteon) Atheros Download

CardReader Drivers

Card Reader Driver Realtek Download

Chipset Drivers
Chipset Driver Intel Download

IO Drivers
Serial IO Driver Intel Download

Lan DriversLAN Driver Realtek Download

TouchPad Drivers
Touchpad Driver Synaptics Download
Touchpad Driver ELANTECH Download

VGA Drivers
VGA Driver Intel Download

Wireless LAN Drivers
Wireless LAN Driver Intel Download
Wireless LAN Driver (NFA344A HAI) Atheros Download
Wireless LAN Driver (NFA222 Liteon) Atheros Download

BIOS Updates SMBIOS default setting Acer Download
BIOS Updates brightness table Acer Download
BIOS Update ME version Acer Download
BIOS Improve system performance Acer Download
BIOS Update MCU and ME versions Acer Download
BIOS Updates MCU code Acer Download

Power Management Acer Download
Quick Access Application Acer Download

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