BenQ EX3200R 31.5 inch Curved Monitor Drivers - Software For Windows 10, 8.1, and 7

BenQ EX3200R 31.5 inch Curved Monitor Drivers - Software For Windows 10, 8.1, and 7

BenQ EX3200R 31.5 inch Curved Monitor Driver Windows 10/8.1/7 Review - BenQ EX3200R monitor driver is a new curved with a 31.5-inch diagonal and radius of curvature 1800r. Company ex3200r position not as a pure game, but as the monitors versatile entertainment to gamers and spectators. They promised a full dive in another reality through a concave screen, drawing frequency 144 Hz, and additional technologies to improve the picture.

EX3200R intelligent, allowing you to change the height of the screen position in the range of 6 cm and slopes in 25 degrees. No more than that actually required. It was a great support.

BenQ ex3200r perfectly fits modern interior, Room enough. A work desk is too noisy I default must be freed from foreign objects to customize the Giants. However, the thickness of the screen is minimized, including external power supply.

In the design, there is excess or attention to detail. They do not need them. No matter how cool, ex3200r main thing is bent over the screen, everything else is secondary. The monitor is quite marked, and unobtrusive. The exterior is more likely to be reserved, especially when you think about the riots ink and plastic "mold" inherent in the device is a gamer.

BenQ EX3200R Quality and Comfort
Leg and back panel made of silver plastic marked. Aesthete should definitely have a smooth black cap hidden behind the stand. It closes all the connectors and cable routes to special round window in the back-up. So the BenQ EX3200R rear looks solid.

BenQ EX3200R Connections and Ports
Speaking from the connector. Under the lid of a mysterious black is as follows: DisplayPort 1.2 Mini DisplayPort 1.2, the headphones come in and HDMI 1.4. Producers choose not to load the obsolete back panel D-sub and DVI redundant in this case.

BenQ EX3200R Picture Quality at an Altitude
BenQ EX3200R standard screen resolution Full HD 1920 1080 points. Ex3200r using a VA matrix. This is the best choice between between simple screen thin suffering from the problem of color and IPs matrix that has the picture quality is great, but the price is amazing. VA-Crystal matrix, rotate vertically, rather than horizontally, like the conventional TN panels. This increases the accuracy of colour transfer and enlarge the viewing angle (178-degree vertical and horizontal).

Is the response time 4 Ms. This is an average that was sure to modern monitors, and dynamic scene in the movie and the game will be accurate, without it and plum. The clarity of the image and the lack of a run loop is guaranteed by human video 144 Hz further. In addition, the EX3200R model supports AMD Freesyns, which synchronize with the video card in the frame frequency is the frequency of the monitor, and thus help to avoid flicker of the image and the emergence of artifacts with strong dynamics.

BenQ EX3200R also shows a good brightness 300 cd/m2 and a contrast of good, honest of 1000:1. If you still believe in 5000:1 contrast ratio, 8000:1, and so on, the case drop. All of that is higher than 1000-pure marketing has nothing to do with the real color.

BenQ EX3200R 31.5 inch Curved Monitor Driver Download - You can Download BenQ EX3200R 31.5 inch Curved Monitor Driver, Software and Firmware Update For Windows, Mac OS and Android in our blog. Without direct to other sites, so you can save time, and also without viruses and malware.

BenQ EX3200R 31.5 inch Curved Monitor Specs :
  • Item Weight : 9 Kg.
  • Product Dimensions : 53 x 72.7 x 22.4 cm.
  • Item model number : EX3200R.
  • Series : EX3200R.
  • Color : Black.
  • Screen Size : 80.01 centimetres.
  • Screen Resolution : 1920X1080.
  • Maximum Display Resolution : 1920x1080.
  • Number of HDMI Ports : 1.
  • Wattage : 48 watts.

BenQ EX3200R 31.5 inch Curved Monitor Drivers System Requirements & Compatibility :

BenQ EX3200R 31.5 inch Curved Monitor Driver Compatibility For :
  1. Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 (32&64bit).

BenQ EX3200R 31.5 inch Curved Monitor Driver Installations

How to install Driver BenQ EX3200R 31.5 inch Curved Monitor :
  • Download Drivers in my blog 
  • The downloaded files will be saved in the Downloads folder by default. 
  • Follow the Installation procedure and run the downloaded file.

BenQ EX3200R 31.5 inch Curved Monitor User Manual

EX3200R User Manual (English) Download

BenQ EX3200R 31.5 inch Curved Monitor Drivers - Software For Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 (32&64bit)

EX3200R Driver For Windows 10/8.1/7 Download

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