Tutorial Make Older Drivers Run On Windows 10

Maybe you have a Laptop or Notebook which is somewhat older, like my acer Laptop (acer aspire 4741) but you want to install the latest operating System install, when you stop at the Driver. When you visit her official site or blog, you do not find drivers compatible with the latest operating system for you.

You don't need to worry, this time I will make a tutorial, make older drivers support with latest operating system (Windows, 10).

Multiple Drivers can be installed on Windows 10, but there are several versions of the Driver that does not work properly in Windows 10, Windows has a problem solving solution on the compatibility of the program on your device.

Go into the Folder, and has the path of the file, right click the shortcut app or .exe file, and then choose "Properties" from the context menu.

Pic 1

Select the tab "compatibility" app properties window, you can click the "compatibility" problem solver Using a wizard interface or simply adjust the options themselves.

After that, Save the settings, and you can run with double click on the program

"Before doing this process, Please backup your system

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