Download Chromium OS Alternative Operating System Windows and Mac OS

Download Chromium OS Alternative Operating System Windows and Mac OS

Perhaps readers have heard or read what is Chrome OS, Yep this time I will discuss and invite you to get to know more about this Google hosts operating system.

Google Chrome OS is an operating system from Google, which is based on Google's Chrome browser and Gentoo Linux. It was first presented to the public in 2009, and is the first device with that began to appear in 2011 and known as the Chromebook.

The User Interface Of Chrome OS

For interface, the first time you open Chrome operating system then you will feel a sensation as if opening the browser google chrome, because basically the User Interface of Chrome OS Google Chrome Browser with same.

When you first turn on the Chrome OS, you will be prompted to login to a Google account you can sign in to the devices that the operating system Chrome, then you'll be faced with a lightweight and simple add it again you can menggonta-change background to your liking.

After login, you will be greeted with a clean desktop display and simple.

Applications such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Google, Plus Play, and a Google Search will be integrated with your operating system. And more cool again with the Chrome Web Store service, then you can install the various applications available on these services quickly and easily.

Some of the sophistication and superiority of the Chrome OS:

  1. The definitive and BEST operating system both for Personal computers and servers.
  2. 100 percent FREE for personal and commercial business.
  3. Two times faster than the operating systems Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS.
  4. juxtaposed with the more powerful Windows XP and Mac OS X Emulation software built-in.
  5. Minimum requirement for hardware needs was 600MHz processor, 1 GB of disk space and ram only 256 mb only.
  6. Can also be used starting from version mobile tablet device to a pc or laptop.
  7. Freed from the ad either online or offline, none of the viruses and spyware that harm.
  8. Google Chrome is running perfectly, process data Google Mail and Google documents, editing applications and other services from google.
For those readers who are curious and want to try Chrome OS, you can buy Chromebook because Chromebook already installed Chome OS, but if readers would like to give it a try, you can Download and try out the Chromium OS, Chromium OS open source project available for anyone to modify and Chromebook for consumer use.

Chromium OS installation:

How to install Chromium OS-USB flash drive to install the required, or SD-card 8 GB or more, as well as any PC or Mac. The whole installation took about 10 minutes and it is very easy :
  • Download the latest version of Chromium OS.
  • Once downloaded you can Create bootable USB drives using unetbootin, Rufus, or USB-Universal (you can choose one, because its functions are the same).
  • Restart the computer with the BIOS to boot from USB/SD.
  • After the computer restarts you can do the installation.
  • After installation, you now use the most advanced operating system.
Warning! All the actions you are at your own risk, and we are not responsible for the results and possible damage to your device.

Chromium OS Download

Chromium OS Download

Bootable USB Tool

Rufus Download
uNetbootin Download
USB-Universal Download

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