Acer Extensa 2509-C052 Drivers Download for Windows 8.1

Acer Extensa 2509-C052 Drivers Download for Windows 8.1
Acer Extensa 2509 Series Review - Model Acer Extensa C1NP-2509 recently has become so popular that I got a notebook with a group such as at least two people. And can and more, and I'm just not all that people see. This model has gained popularity as not because he's good, but because of the very affordable.

Although the exterior and a regular laptop, but Acer has kept at it, and not on the component. Until the advent of the notebook is not so cheap. You are not likely to impress the people around their laptop, but it won't look prostachkom. A body can be found in the case of dozens of other models of Acer. Classic black plastic box with a screen fixture on the two hinges.

The screen has a medium size frame, centered on the object. This camera has a resolution of 0.3 megapixels, while chatting on Skype produces a good picture quality.

The screen is good enough to be saved. Not only producers, but also you. After all, buying a laptop for 5 thousand Rubles, you can guess that it will not Top. The following screen is 15.6 inches, with a resolution of 1366 by shiny and 768 pixels. The feeling is that this screen is deliberately done so bad to force people to buy something more expensive. The resolution then there is not the worst, but by looking at the problem. You can't relax behind the scenes as a step left, step right up-shoot ". Rather, after you change the position of the head in any other than perfect, change color. Turn off, but watch the colors in their view is okay, just be exactly on the opposite side of the screen.

Even if you don't think that the four Core is strong. Acer laptop Extensa-2509 C1NP have N2930 Celeron 4, but not very helpful for being productive. 1830 Mhz frequency is constant, the processor is not able to adjust to circumstances. Card built into the motherboard-Intel GMA HD, so you are not playing Games. You will not allow any CPU. RAM here just only 2 gigabytes. OK, that out of the box laptop running on Linux, because Windows 8 when the amount of RAM may slow down. I deleted Linux, put Windows 7 and so far I am satisfied with everything.

Weak though components have been playing somewhere on the arm. In terms of autonomy is a good laptop. The full amount, you can easily develop around 4:00. Battery with 2500 mAh capacity will be interesting and longer if you disable the feature.

Acer Extensa 2509 Drivers Download Free - Acer Extensa 2509 Software and Firmware support Windows 8.1, and you can also Download the Drivers it is easy and free from my blog and also free of viruses and malware.

Acer Extensa 2509 Specs :
  • Processor type : Intel Celeron N2930.
  • Memory : 2 GB.
  • Screen size : 15.6 inch.
  • Resolution : 1366x768re.
  • GPU type : Intel HD Graphics.
  • Total storage capacity : 500 GB.
  • Processor clock frequency : 1.83 GHz.
  • Number of CPU cores : 4.
  • Memory type : DDR3.
  • LAN speed : 1,000 Mbit/s.
  • WLAN / WiFi standard : 802.11n.
  • Battery capacity (mAh) : 2,500 mAh.

Acer Extensa 2509 System Requirements & Compatibility :

  1. Windows 8.1 (64bit).

Acer Extensa 2509 Drivers Installations

How to install Driver Acer Extensa 2509 
  • A check advance is not installed hardware drivers with how to enter start > right click Computer > > window appears select properties system > select device manager.
  • Note whether there is a driver not installed hadware? If there is please enter your driver CD in your computer or laptop DVD Room, e.g. VGA card or LAN Card has not been installed or please you download in advance be linked below.
  • Look for the VGA/LAN Card folder on Your CD driver through windows explorer or extract the first file you downloaded.
  • Look for a file with the name Setup.
  • Double-click the file, follow the next steps with the next and click next until the installation process occurs.
  • After completion of the computer or laptop usually ask for restart, restart the course. Do the next driver installation.

Acer Extensa 2509 Driver Download for Windows 8.1 (64bit)

SATA AHCI Driver Intel Download

Audio Driver Realtek Download

Bluetooth Driver Atheros Download
Bluetooth Driver Broadcom Download

Card Reader Driver Realtek Download

Chipset Driver Intel Download

IO Drivers
Must be installed before Chipset driver : Intel Download

LAN Driver Realtek Download

Touchpad Driver Synaptics Download
Touchpad Driver ELANTECH Download

Intel TXE Driver Intel Download

VGA Driver Intel Download

Wireless LAN
Wireless LAN Driver Broadcom Download
Wireless LAN Driver Atheros Download

Add I2C / PS2 switch Mode of Touch Pad Item in BIOS menu Acer Download
BIOS Resolves Win10 brightness issue Acer Download
BIOS Improved system performance Acer Download
BIOS Improved Touchpad detection behavior Acer Download
BIOS Update Microcode M0C30678815 Acer Download

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