NETGEAR N300 (WNR2000) Firmware Download

NETGEAR N300 (WNR2000) Firmware Download
Modification of the Netgear N300 WNR2200 is provided for ordinary users who need to establish a local network, where there is Wi-Fi and cable connections. Thus, given the affordable price of 1100 rubles and the large functionality, this router is quite attractive in the market of network devices.

In addition to a wireless access point, as well as a four-port hub, the router has one USB port that is capable of supporting work with a large number of known devices:
  • 3G / 4G modems;
  • printers;
  • an external drive or a USB drive for storing files.

This router supports encryption of the wireless communication channel, provides protection from hacking to all connected devices over Wi-Fi. Thanks to the built-in monitoring of Internet traffic, the user is presented with reports on the connections of all the equipment of the local network. In addition, intelligent protection system automatically blocks suspicious resources and devices.

The manufacturer provides a standard configuration of the router, which the future owners like. It includes the following:
  • model Netgear N300;
  • instructions for setting up;
  • patch cord;
  • Power Supply;
  • USB extension cable;
  • stand for easy installation.
Owners are pleasantly surprised by the presence of a small extension cable, designed to connect USB-devices. This is evidenced by user feedback. It is worth noting that this is not an ordinary cord, as it is used to see in everyday life. The connector required to connect the devices is presented in the form of a platform, which is relatively large in size and mass. This makes it possible to hold the equipment on the surface where the user wants to place it.

It can not be denied that this is particularly convenient when connecting wireless modems. The appearance of the router resembles a similar device that is part of the budget class. It has an ordinary box that does not stand out from its competitors. The only thing on the side faces and bottom of the router provides a lot of ventilation holes. Thanks to them, the internal components are perfectly cooled. As is usually the case with inexpensive routers, there are no external antennas in this model.

Configuring the Netgear N300 is simple, if all the actions are performed according to the instruction. Standard access is available from any browser at with the need to enter a login (admin) and password (password). As a result, the user enters the wireless access point control menu. The most important thing in this case is not to get lost and remember one thing: there are not many settings, however the manufacturer gives them a detailed description in the form of interactive tips.

Thus, it may seem that it's hard to cope with the router. According to the manufacturer, it is better to use the services of an interactive setup wizard, however, most owners recommend not doing this. After all, the program, guided by the instructions, tries to share knowledge with the user in the field of administration. As a result, in addition to the two basic settings, a lesson will be conducted throughout the entire functionality of the device. To configure should, in fact, only Wi-Fi and torrent client, and the rest is determined in automatic mode.

NETGEAR N300 (WNR2000) Firmware

support for :
  • Windows
  • Mac OS

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